Vol. 1, Issue 1: Miscommunication

Miscommunication is key to conflict. In the realm of science fiction, there’s been the urge to gloss over language with universal translators, or the dominance of the English language far into the future. In horror, communication is largely an issue with supernatural entities and cell phones without service. In fantasy literature, where whole new languages take form, the topic of not being able to read and write let alone speak more than one is rare. In the midst of terror, war, and in critical situations, not being able to communicate can mean the difference between life and death. Center your work around how language (or the lack thereof) is central to an issue within the plot, etc. Open to submit between June 1-June 30th 11:59PM EST


  • A mute bounty hunter discovers a parasitic monster that has shut down communication between the crew and outside world
  • Ghost hunters must find a way to communicate with a spirit through signs and symbols in an abandoned house
  • How does it feel to be the last being to speak your language in the whole universe?
  • Two alien children discover an injured human being but, have not been fitted with translators containing their language
  • Sailors wash ashore on a mystical island and can not communicate with any of the inhabitants to get home
  • Can literature, science, etc. give us clues as to how language will shape the future?


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