Vol. 1, Issue 2: RE_ACTED

The secrets being kept from us reveal a world in of themselves. Science fiction has a long speculative history of new technology and species, the likes of which humanity has never seen. The horror genre always aims to excite and instill fear, with depictions of possessions and cruel vengeance. Fantasy literature can always teeter on the edge of a grimdark worldview. RE_ACTED wants stories that explore the dark side of human progression. What are the secrets we’ve erased from our families shared histories? What is the government, society, or even the universe itself trying to shield us from seeing? Open to submit between October 1- October 15 11:59PM EST

  • Ghosts aren’t suppose to be real. What if the cemetery behind the Church is hiding a secret society hell-bent on capturing them?
  • Magic(k) is said to be held together by the social boundaries placed upon individuals at birth. What if the relic tells you—a common foot soldier—differently?
  • Where does delusion and reality begin when you wake up to a world where you’re the only one who sees the color red?
  • All artificial intelligence and lower robots must obey their human masters. Research reveals something very different—the beginning of conciseness.
  • An invasive species is suppose to be just that—invaders. That’s until you find records that show your people encroached upon their homelands first.
  • Can literature, science, etc. be a way to envision the unimaginable?




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