Vacation & Limits

Hi all,

I’ll be on vacation from June 18th-June 26th, so replies to submissions, etc. might be a little longer. So far there’s a lot of great stories and poetry streaming in! There’s three accepted poems and eight stories for the upcoming issue (give or take).

In the meantime spread the news, especially to any artist out there. Also, please keep in mind the upper limit of 1,500 words for short stories. I’ve received a couple of submissions over 2,500 and had to auto reject. If a story is around 2,500 words and I really really adore it, I may consider $0.01 a word over 1,500. Don’t count on it! I’ll most likely auto reject as to not break the bank.

On a side note, I’ve changed the micro fiction category to only include drabbles aka 100-word stories. Happy Juneteenth & Father’s Day U.S citizens!


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