Vol. 2, Issue 1: Commerical Cosmonauts & Hired Guns

The final frontiers are populated with lawlessness and redemption. Science fiction is immersed in tales of those who have ventured to galaxies far far away, bringing home their stories and monsters from the infinite black abyss. The horror genre is filled with black widows, dark avengers, and holy warriors ready to fight against evil. Fantasy literature’s cornerstone is the gathering together of a band of strangers to set off on a grand adventure. Commercial Cosmonauts & Hired Guns wants stories that delve into various journeys of unwilling and daring adventurers. What propaganda forces these individuals to battle against the universe and formidable foes? What are the stories being left untold in these narratives dominated by the lone white male savior against the world? Open to submit between January 1- January 15 11:59PM EST


  • A young woman is tasked with piloting the last airship containing seeds that will repopulate her dying world.
  • An occult ritual gone haywire has forced a city boy to deal with demons closer to home than he’s ever imagined.
  • How does one cope with the knowledge that the war they’ve been fighting against hostile species has all been an elaborate conspiracy?
  • A deaf linguist stumbles upon a secret society in need of help deciphering a lost language that could save the world.
  • When a rebel leader decides to step down, it throws their community into chaos and forces them to confront years of persecution.
  • How has literature, science, etc. shaped our collective understanding of the final frontiers?


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