Editor’s Corner: Our Secrets 

As Helios Quarterly enters its second issue, I’ve become concerned about the future. Will it last? Will it live up to expectations? Though these questions and many more will remain unanswered, I cannot help but speculate on information that is outside of my reach. We are strangest to ourselves and all on a journey towards an unknown conclusion. All that unifies us is that that we must all die but, what that looks like or even a life beyond death remains to be seen. What to do with the knowledge that I will never know?

To cope, I have crafted the final issue of Year One around the topic of secrets, information redacted and being lost in figurative and literal seas. I am most concerned with the spaces in between when it comes to writing and in life. The things left unsaid, the actions that should have been taken and roads paved, they fascinate me to no end. And, to that end, I hope this issue provides a wide array of stories, poetry, art, photography, and even a crossword puzzle that will aid you, dear reader, in the dissociative reality one must face when living in the moment.

The theme RE_ACTED touches upon a nerve I see in the culture and feel. No one can be trusted, not politicians nor traditions we use to hold dear. As lies, fears, and confusion pile up, how can we begin to heal and seek truth? I believe writing becomes a process of unraveling open secrets we won’t admit, art a way to convey the inexplicable, and poetry a language of the lost. A start, a beginning, a new horizon. And, without further ado or attempts at poetic language on my end, I welcome you to issue two and hope you return in the new year.

Cheers and enjoy!

Elizabeth O. Smith


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