„Descent of the Seeker into Katarghatargha” Excerpt from a Religious Document of Species punctus impia by Adam Lovasz

„Suppose, for instance, that humans reproduced in the numbers that insects do and that the early elimination of the vast majority of humans who were born was necessary for the survival of the genes of any. Suppose also that, like most insects, care of offspring was unnecessary. Given these conditions, behaviors that manifest sympathy for other humans might actually be dysfunctional for the genes, with the result that we would not feel moral intuitions favoring sympathy. In this scenario other moral intuitions might be changed as well, e.g., intuitions regarding actively harming other persons and being unfair to them. If one balks at admitting that it is even logically possible that humans might have evolved in such a ‘heartless’ way, then let us imagine that this sort of thing has occurred somewhere on another planet—one with very different biological laws than those that hold on Earth.”
– Richard Double


—TEXT (raw translation)—

Proximity to the passage is encapsulated by a sensible idea (arrkharnakh), an intelligence that is conceptless, a liberation from visibility (literally: barkhannai’aileih „the visible oppressive spheres”). The passage is pure, a metamorphosis of the flesh sensible through the workings of language. Words appear to the seeker, through a coupling body („limbs in copulation”, katarkhantah uhuhuiiashi’halah; translator’s note: this may be taken as a rather literal description of a pair of mating punctus impia, as their copulation is accompanied by a wild flailing of their ten limbs, as well as errant movements of abdominal protrusions). The seeker must transcend this coupling, penetrating through to pure reality, to the conceptual as it manifests itself in the sensibility of living flesh. This metamorphosis (translator’s note: the actual term is „flowing through [the Heart]”) appears in moments when the Light of the endless dawn rises on the soul, emanating through the constellations. Arisen tshall from dominating forces, the hunger remains as a conqueror, the dimension that helps the Seeker slough off their skin, for the space of three aons. Flesh is inseparable from the boiling over of Light [?], spending itself gloriously, signaling (kattrambharah’aasmai) with its beneficent rays, the way of boiling the sacrifice’s body. Consuming the meat of one’s kin is beneficent, paralleling Ousmara and Xvarnmachi’s travels in the underworld. Through its Light, the hinterland calls forth, spreading its incandescent wisdom [throughout the constellations]. From within the corpse that has been opened, there sprout charitability and equanimity, as well as harmony. Every passage, once effectuated, once opened to the Seeker, renders our world-level (faikharrlar, literally: „slice”) amenable. Talons tear at us, they tear at their own company [?]. This metamorphosis is never entirely seen, for the astral incandescence bids us to remain forever separate from the object of the path. Interaction is the elaborate praise of the three aons. Struggle n thy waiting! Struggle through the passage [of sacrifice]! Truly, the cosmos is the One-All, the endlessly recycling (translators’ note: or „resurrecting”, „renewing”) plenitude. Although the Seeker would seek to remain seated, and not engage in the opening of the path, the true conqueror attains definitive knowledge, established through meritorious action. We say to you, that there shall be no end to thy struggle as long as thou does not partake of the [sacrificial meal]. Until you partake of [the meal], you shall remain separate, destitute, an outcast, separate from the astral incandescence. But once you consume (literal translation: „chew into pieces”), you shall become inseparable [from the astral incandescence].

Mortification is inseparability, the passage from the now (izbathathigh) to the forever (izbathathigghah) It comes from you, but it will be your death if you do not partake of its living flesh. You created it, but you must conquer this errant life. O, the Light gives bountifully! There is a message hidden in this for you who seeks definitive knowledge! Hear the glorious word attentively. Thy waiting is thy love, and thy love is thy struggle. Solely the Seeker with the requisite will can survive under these horizons. Hesitation has no place, for those who are slow to open up the [plentiful] flesh are burned in spreading pools of fire. (translator’s note: possibly a geological formation of some kind that is composed of lava?) This flesh you see before yourself is yours to spend, gloriously. Therefore rejoice, and sing the praises of that which expelled darkness. Blast upon the quick-opening three outbreaths, and control your in-breath until you blossoms (fightaradvairattah; translator’s note: this is presumably taken to refer to the abdominal protrusions, that become bright red when the creature is in a state of mental tension and/or religious ecstasy) Beware, lest the quickly moving openings devour you, who are reticent to consume what you yourself have created, in your bountiful ability. Let none of us posit the darkness. The love we feel toward the Light is a sign of our mutual inseparability. Living flesh must be torn, till all is destroyed, all that which resides outside of sensible ideas. The work of recycling is reuse, and love, a love of awakening and nothing else. Only reuse, recycling, and cosmic love can awaken us to inseparability [union]. Union is not a future end, but an eternal becoming that never closes. Yes, rejoice, for the Light never closes, it never leaves our world! There is no other liberation, save annihilation in the Light.

Do you not slough off your own skin to survive? This entire world (literally: „the entirety of the plentiful cosmos”) is a cauldron that grows ever hotter. Nothing art thou losing! Have you seen one of your members sorrowful, having shed their skin? Of course not! Encircled by sensible ideas, we receive fore-glimpses of inseparability that tear at our hearts, just as we tear at the bountiful flesh. What great blessing is this? Truly the Light gives more than anyone of us is capable of consuming. Tear at our hearts, nothing art we losing! We shall gladly lose ourselves in the heat of this experience (fai’arrkharnakhaillehai). Tear at yourselves more firmly, until the slain flesh no longer encircles the ecstatics. Constellations slough off their old skins too. Greatly does curative knowledge boost the will. Although boiling, the cauldron of the world is eternally becoming. No praise corresponds to the astral incandescence. Indeed, no mere notion is adequate to the splendor [of communication]. (…) Each level is unlike the other, each visibility is unlike the Invisible of the previous world-slice, and each Invisibility differs from its own previous existence (literal: „life”). The splendor communicated to those who consume is a celestial transfer, a secret spending of the world of light. As the generality [excess generativity?] of flesh is destroyed the ecstatic fire rages. Sense alone matters, the sense that spends its self gloriously, without limitation. Celestiality is the unalterable reality emanating from [the Spheres]. Tearing apart the [excess] flesh, the Seeker receives a foreglimpse of that inseparability which remains after all else has been destroyed. This stage (makhamilliyammeh) is known as the establishment of celestial mercy. Each origin is a repetitive dumping (literally: „rubbishing”), wherein the past lives of each wholesome cosmos evaporate into the night. Each level of the world becomes, after three hundred thousand aons, like rotting meat. And it is known that each transference implies a conqueror, one who dismembers and burns away the [accumulated] flesh. In certain cycles, the passage becomes bogged down, the vehicle cannot move. Then realization necessitates the advent of a Great Initiate, one who crushes both future and past, leaving nothing intact aside from the Eternal Now (makkhlammih’gaz’madzrraw).

Every passage affords us access [to the realization]. Between levels, there are passages intersecting passages. This much may be read off the flesh itself. Are not the veins you find in the rotting meat like so many worlds. Each of the thirty thousand veins are channels leading to a piece of the Invisible. Flowing through the veins is the dominating force that harnesses our magical bodies (trashghammaiyl). A Seeker who has attained recognition of the celestial Spheres connects to the endless becoming of light, impossible for those who hesitate. Celestiality breeds correspondences, challenging experience to taste fiery light. [?] The secret work (translator’s note: the ritual execution/consumption of excess larvae is here implied, but never explicitly mentioned in such terms in the text) commits the bodily excess to take its rightful place in liberation. From glorification, there arises recuperation. This work involves a content, a disclosure (literally: „uncovering”) that sprouts out from within the notion of Mercy. Never again shall this notion remain closed, for we have an awareness of blind expenditure. Never again shall the passage be closed! The Great Initiates themselves become like corpses, but unlike other dead ones, their integrity survives, even after being committed to the flames. Light is the Invisible. O, pay attention to these words and listen wisely! What you believe to be the end of the fiery light is its very beginning. Yes, for when Mercy spreads across the sky, dimensions spend themselves blindly across vast expanses. Here a hero, there a conqueror, the Great Initiate travels through the passage into each aon. Those who would hesitate, who shun the ritual of consumption, take heed and awaken! There is a horizon of infinity, a world that is inseparable from our own becoming [literally: „outflowing”) Bear your hesitation in the personage of a corpse (farrkhanikellar) Mortification is the refinement of minerals. Refinement necessitates awakening. Pledge to the Light, that you shall never henceforth be closed!

We are all posited upon the horizon (fieghrrannekh) of the secret hope, borne by corpses. These secret hopes are dragged to recognition through a volition that is not of their own making. Never can inseparability be rendered arisen, unless it is effectuated through sensible ideas. Cognition is the becoming of pure ideality (rarghgharyl’a kattangraharaiiylah), breeding within that which has already been annihilated. Visions come upon those who are rendered inseparable from the trans-spatial element (literally: „placeless material/substrate”). Shine, for yours is the ecstatic way! Although we gain a foreglimpse of the hinterland prior to consumption, the Light turns flesh into definitive knowledge and our consumption into the birth of our metamorphosis. Shine away, harnessed as you are by charitable communication! Gifting the substrate with the gift of death, the Seeker comes to value the splendor donated by the Invisible. Assemblies of Light correspond to that which has absented itself from the horizon [of the Dawn]. The wasted substrate is the dawn that rises upon the conqueror. Concepts are Assemblies of Light, correspondences that affirm the sensibility of each and every idea. It is good and proper that we feed upon that which is wonderfully laid before us. The productivity [the conqueror/initiate’s] body is a wonder of the world, beneficent to realization. Certain ones among us resolved to make themselves barren but were punished mightily. O, those too shall be among the wasted, who would oppose sensibility with mischief! Flashes of Light are seen above [the place of awakening], which is the [implied] crown. Dragged into the resurrection, you shall wonderfully remember [your first] passage into affirmation, and disposing of yourself will assure you’ll never be disposed of. Hear not the empty complaints of the weak, the unwilling ones, for their flesh has already been expended. Descend into the corpses, until no pieces of them are left. Appropriation is the propriation of the underworld, a beneficent recognition. (…)

Outside of the fiery light, there resides the dominating force, ruling over our lives, lying in wait, bearing secret hopes of a never-ending dawn. The Spheres we speak of are ablaze, happening, recurring, communicating their splendor, elaborating the wisdom of their rule endlessly. Transferring their light to us, our capacity is overwhelmed. Experiencing the Invisible, we lacerate ourselves, until neither is all and all is One and One is None. That which we ourselves spill out into the world, we must consume, until no light touches the substrate (literally: „substance”). An endless recurrence that is never disclosed, save for the Light that gifts us. Recycle, until the powers say otherwise. Visions come to those who fix their sense upon the stars, ablaze with each obliterated piece of flesh. Unlike the finite capacity of the Seeker, that which is Alone (lakhsrammkligh’ai’kabai) transfers itself endlessly and needlessly. That which matters is to remain fixed, in the company of the Alone. Never speak of your descent into the Alone when in the company of those [who lack] definitive knowledge. The origin of all is neither the All nor the One, but rather, an effluence that may be traced back to the empty limitless expanse. Splendor flows from this cosmic wound like the promising appearance [?] Replenishment is achieved through a passage to the summit, through the cosmos of the living. We understand the flesh as the insufficient dream of a cosmos of living beings. Life is everywhere but the beautiful imitation of the Stillness (raghghkardiyyargha). Through the convulsive movements of the sacrifice, proximity increases, devotion to the passionate coagulation. Beware, O Seeker, of blood pollution, for nothing soils the body more than contact with the Outside. Let not confusion reign, but rather recognize the product of your own flesh as refuse, waste, like the excrement [that flows out]. Abort, through the contraceptive void, the flesh of rising exigencies. Practice so you may smell (literally: „conceive”, meaning unknown) the radiant flower. Agitated mouths, chewing upon mucous flesh, dwell within understanding. Cut the thread of these doomed lives! Tear apart the excess, swarm upon the bloody void! Polluted hypoxic water flows inconsequentially from a universally practiced contraception [?] From these smoldering pages, die into the voidedness without number. Die into your burning passion, live a life no longer revealed. Burn yourselves into the beautiful boil of our indwelling. Seek not explanations and concepts, for these are mere superficial items, whereas true wisdom is the jewel residing within the pregnant stone. From within the seething mass (fardhakharnnlarih), there flows a light-colored foam (translator’s note: the blood of punctus impia is white). Partake of the divinely-ordained liquidity! Drink till you can drink no more. Devote yourselves, you bloodthirsty ones, to the foamy light. Touch it with your pretty/delightful fingers, running with blood. In the immensity of the dark night, pregnant dwellings are purified, irredeemably, without measure. According to some traitors, these anonymous fleshy appendages are capable of sense, capable of suffering (…)

Heed not these seditious words, for the cosmos of detectable alpha is a hardened diamond, radiating replenishment. This liquidity is yours to take, if you prove worthy, if you puncture the diamond. Innocent aborted blood radiates the flower of earth, water and fire, and the end cannot reach the Seeker who has bathed in the effluence. Innocent aborted blood is cursed matter, while the diamond signifies the excrementally of the contraceptive universe [?] Your eyes should be shut firmly before superficial images of suffering. No hesitation, no remorse, merely rivers of aborted blood. No pollution can affect the one who is situated in the void. It happens, on occasion, that visions of the stars come to the radiant participants, often mingling with darker foretastes. We must be ablaze in one single infernal swarming mass, a seething inconsequential movement, layer upon layer, sedimented, mingling like excrement. Recycled forever, the experience of the Invisible (is like) the gift of splendid communication: it appears and melts into generality. One thing alone matters: to become a generous scarred screaming sensible idea, a living corpse open to charitable communication (literally: „a place of access receptive to the spirits”) Once you are receptive to the Invisible, your transubstantiation will most certainly commence. Never again shall you be closed! An elaboration of lightning, you and your dead flesh will become. Flesh and sacrificer – never may these be separated. The sacrificer consumes through burning and comes to be burnt through consumption. The capacity of the times is endlessly declining, the cycle is closing, the deluge is approaching, the flood will turn stone into lava, and intensities. A swarming will engulf the living cosmos, and tarnish all into decomposition, dissolution. Elements bleed into the outflow, and expression descends towards Katarghatargha. Of this state, we cannot say any more than this: hold your jaws open, for never again shall it be closed. The Light of the Way penetrates into ever newer magical bodies. Sacrifice is the experience of the Invisible, commenting upon our world through its self-composition. A thick mantle of lava clutches at our limbs, ravenously kicking, gurgling with delight. Something soft disappears into the magma, a malignant light that gleams through the floor [of the living cosmos]. A glow inscribes the condition of generality upon the land, the soil of realization. Endless becoming originates from the crisis of darkness. Before holding onto the secret hope, speak before the enclosed Light of sensible ideas. Profess your faith, speak the words of charitable communication, and bear your secret hope till you yourself are filled to the brim [with an instantaneous movement]. Each and every scar is an opening that bereaves darkness and opens the body to the Light. Conquer the screaming fire of desire, receive the signal, ablaze with correspondences [unknowable] for all, with the exception of [those endowed with] magical bodies. Understandings of blood shedding coalesce into a passionate devotion to the foamy, flowing beautiful imitations. Yes, for smearing ourselves with the excrement of life, life already sentenced to dissolution, is to come into contact (fafarkharnillamarrifyaeh) with replacement. Replaced by the replenishing realization, you will be one trillion times enabled (literally: „protected from death”). Immortality is a proximity that flows from a cosmic wound, into the agitated mouth [of a hole]. A multitude of holes receives emissions from the blessed, sweaty earth. This universe gives its sumptuous gifts through the mystical secret of pregnancy and repetition. (…)

How can one dismember that which never was separate? How can one separate that which always was united? The flow, once emitted, ceases to pollute our world. Sacrifice is elemental [to survival]. Present the sensible ideas with emissions, living in dwellings filled with parasites, sumptuous gifts [for the celestial entities]. (translator’s note: it is unknown what the punctus impia regard as „sensible entities”. The term seems to denote a kind of levitating, shining object, perhaps a vehicle of some kind. Our knowledge is still fragmentary, as of this stage of exploration. Given the no further evidence is required: cursed be the excess! Long live the teeth of those who consume these sumptuous gifts. Those reborn into presence will never be the same. Voids are fused into the air, and water comes to be confused with the aborted blood. More and more innocence it emitted [?] until exoskeletons are sucked dry. Every appendage has a purpose, every piece of flesh has its home, its dwelling. The gift is charged with an upsetting content. Each cycle revolved until proximity evaporates. Flesh constitutes our dwelling, the place of visitation (karkharlakragh), the territory of gifting. O, fellow sorcerers, treat all you encounter as if it were a swarming, a pack of proximities emanating from a universal wound. Deriving the ever-hungry, replicating agitated mouths from the manure, abort this blood, practice sexual union with abandon. Abandon the gift, don clothes made of meat! Demonic swarmings will be your shepherds. Nothing is elemental [in the ritual]. Arise, you sensible, tangible ones! Skin will be touched, scraped, torn apart, gnawed upon, opened to the Light [of celestial bodies]. This night is the brightest (translator’s note: a possible reference to the rare occurrence of an intersection of three suns that may be observed upon the planet’s surface). The soil is most beautiful when soiled with effluence. The sky is most sublime when filled with swarmings. The flow and the swarming [are one] in union. Conjured sorcery accepts mingling with earthy levels and disabled replenishments [?] Replenish the summit with excremental emissions. Live and fight, fight to be born again into the sweaty swarm. Teeth bite openings, claws shovel the earth, and lovely gifts are committed to the fire. Set it ablaze, set fire to the sumptuous gifts with your bellies [translator’s note: a reference, perhaps, to the extremely acidic digestive system of this species] Proximity to elemental facts brings out sensible ideas. Contrasts are contracted by the wounded ones, cursed by innumerable contraception. Dwelling with endless reinterpretation, flashing celestial beings, pregnant with sensibilities, wipe their emissions onto unconscious exoskeletons. Subsidence is, at the summit, inconsequential. Subordinate relations are depleted, rendered insolvent, dissolved in contaminated river water. Every layer of the world foams, completed, no longer revealed but lived. Sensing and sensed are no longer unclothed, but unconscious, lying, like diamonds, in the beautiful soil. Matter is cursed, by consequence of subsidence. Not the goddess, but unlimited mortification. Dawn rises upon rotting meat.



BIO: Adam Lovasz is a philosopher and writer based in Budapest. He is co-founder of Absentology Collective, a center for postmodern and speculative realist theory. He has published numerous books and essays in multiple languages. Adam’s latest book, entitled System of Absentology, will be appearing in Autumn 2016. His areas of interest include phenomenology, ontology, as well as philosophies of the body.

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