Editor’s Corner: United We Fall

Year Two of Helios Quarterly Magazine is finally here! Many things are still on the horizon but, as of now, we’re moving forward with a new vision for the magazine. Britny Brooks and Reiss McGuinness have joined the team as the Head Serial Fiction Editor and Head Poetry Editor respectively. We’re excited to work as a team to craft jam-packed issues with great fiction, nonfiction, and poetry moving forward. As the first quarter of the New Year comes to a close, divisions seem even starker on the global landscape these days.

With that in mind, we enter the first issue of 2017 with one reigning truth. The closer we’re pulled together, the more we will feel worlds apart. Speculative fiction serves as a springboard and melting pot of ideas and worlds seemingly much different from our own. But, once the fantastical, horrifying, and science fictional aspects fall away, speculative fiction often serves as a mirror to our struggles and hopes for the real world.

That is where the theme Commercial Cosmonauts & Hired Guns hits home for me at the moment. Something is endearing about the figure of the hero or heroine facing down forces bigger than themselves, and environments too distant to be imagined on what we’ve come to call the final frontiers. Through these figures, real and or imagined, we are often swept up in a grand feeling of unity and that humanity did that, whatever the action may be. At the same time, things are never what they seem to be on the surface. This issue explores reluctant heroes and heroines in hopes that many can relate to their struggles. United we fall deeper into this chaos called life. Against all odds, let us endure.

Cheers and enjoy!

Elizabeth O. Smith

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