Vol. 2, Issue 3: First Contact & Conversions


We are shaped by our past and molded by ideology, but our convictions can be changed in an instant. Science fiction envisions encounters with the alien so horrifying it reshapes the world order. The horror genre shakes us to the core when it forces us to come face to face with forces beyond the scope of reason. Fantasy literature opens the door to the other, monstrous, evil, and sometimes all too human. First Contact & Conversions wants stories that confront situations that change us as people. Who are the prophets among us warning us of things to come? How do we handle change so rapid and all-consuming that the world we once knew vanishings? Open to submit between July 1- July 15 11:59PM EST.


We’d love to see the following but encourage you to not treat these as prompts:

  • Horror, sci-fi and fantasy that questions how we construct the “other”
  • Stories, poems, and nonfiction narratives within the cyberpunk, solarpunk, dieselpunk, [insert]punk realm
  • Characters trying to reconcile how they grew up and the world they live in now. How do they cope?
  • How would we react to an extraterrestrial threat? What would the world look like afterwards?
  • How can literature, science, etc. shape our future by introducing us to what could be?



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