Dazzling Simplicity, Sparkling Depth

Helios Quarterly Magazine is a science fiction, horror, and fantasy (SF / F / H) periodical founded in 2016. All contributors receive payment, a discount on one physical copy, and a free digital copy (ePub, mobi or PDF) of their issue. In the far future, HQM will hopefully be an SFWA/HWA qualifying market.

The release schedule is as follows: March, June, September, and December. A print edition can be purchased through Peecho. During February, May, August, and November, Eos•Quarterly will feature authors, poets, artists, and or photographers on the web before the official publication date. Archives of HQM will be kept online with each issue releasing bi-weekly after publication.

Contact: editors [at] heliosquarterly.com

ISSN: 2473-9189 (PRINT)

ISSN: 2572-150X (ONLINE)


imageElizabeth O. Smith, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief (editors [at] heliosquarterly.com)

E. O. Smith is the pseudonym of Olivia Raymond, using her first and middle name backward. Feel free to call her Elizabeth or Olivia. She’s produced and edited story-based video games since 2011 under Cherubim Scribes, Inc. She’s also a chocolate fanatic, owns a poodle and a mutt, and finds that passion and purpose intrigues her when it comes to the written word.





Britny Brooks, Head Serial Fiction Editor (britny@heliosquarterly.com)

Britny Brooks is an MFA/MA graduate from Arcadia University. She has a passion for novellas, spider plants, short story collections, and tiny houses. Her writing focuses on the middle ground between fantasy and science fiction, and the female characters that inhabit it. The Fifth Element is her favorite movie. She loves to drink coffee while she retweets things as @Britny_Brooks.



Reiss McGuinness, Head Poetry Editor (reiss@heliosquarterly.com)

Reiss McGuinness is a current MA student In Creative Writing at Bath Spa University, studying the poetry specific modules of the course. He is committed to writing project driven poetry collections that explore themes of estrangement, alienation, social violence, otherness and things people leave unsaid. He also writes dark fantasy poetry that has appeared in Spectral Realms, as well as haiku, which has appeared in The Mainichi Shimbun and Lakeview Journal.

His favorite writers include Tim Liardet, Jennifer Militello, Basho, Ritsos, David Harsent, Kafka and H.P. Lovecraft.

Abbie Waters, Proofreader (abbie@heliosquarterly.com)

Abbie Waters is a proofreader based in Northern England. While in the past she has dabbled with writing and floristry she has now settled on making a career out of proofreading. Being a true bookworm at heart she loves working on all genres and writing styles, especially something that’s a bit strange and unusual. She still hopes to find the right home for her own spooky works of fiction some day.

LAST UPDATED: April 17, 2017