HQM will nominate literature, art, and poetry for the following awards:

Helios Quarterly Magazine’s nominations for 2016/2017:

  • Ground Truthing by Holly Schofield (Gaylactic Spectrum)
  • The Second Adam by Louis Rakovich (WFSA Small Press Award)
  • And We Shall Inherit the Sea by H.L. Fullerton (WFSA Small Press Award)
  • The Way Up, The Way Down by Dennis Mombauer (WFSA Small Press Award)
  • Night of the Lurking Moon by Alexis Henderson (Kindred Award/Parallax Award)
  • Speaking Without Tongues by Diana Estigarribia (Kindred Award/Parallax Award)

Helios Quarterly Magazine’s nominations for 2017/2018:


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