Helios Quarterly Magazine Volume 1, Issue 1 (ePub/mobi/PDF)


Children of the moon chased by prejudice and haunted by magic. Strangers separated by words and an interstellar elevator. A mute man trapped in dystopian Boston. Welcome to the inaugural issue of Helios Quarterly Magazine where communication and gestures of reconciliation end in misunderstanding.

Helios Quarterly Magazine Volume 1, Issue 1 ePub/mobi/PDF edition. Theme: Miscommunication

Contains five poems, eleven works of fiction, two pieces of non-fiction, three photos, and one piece of art.

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“The sun is new each day” – Heraclitus

Vol. 1, Issue 001 (Theme: Miscommunication)

Cover Art:

42 by Devin Francisco

Editor’s Corner:

New Horizons by Elizabeth O. Smith


BINASA by Sigied Himawan Yudhanto (cranenoir)


Ventriloquist by Richard King Perkins II

Resonance by Linda Neuer

A Scavenger of Words by J. J. Steinfeld

Bulimic by Robert Beveridge

Voices in an Especially Ominous Night by J. J. Steinfeld


Night of the Lurking Moon by Alexis Henderson + Interview


Welcome to Earth by Jennifer Moore

Captain John’s Passage by Tara Campbell

Lonely Red World Serenade by Armel Dagorn

The Way Up, The Way Down by Dennis Mombauer

A Way With Words by Aimee Ogden

Drum Solo by Gerri Leen

Speaking Without Tongues by Diana Estigarribia

Spambot 6413 by Peter Hagelslag

Ground Truthing by Holly Schofield

How the Dun-In Man Got His Name by Stephen Scott Whitaker (Part 1 of 2)


Dracula-Creole (Can English Save Pachamama?) by Jun Cola

„Descent of the Seeker into Katarghatargha” Excerpt from a Religious Document of Species punctus impia by Adam Lovasz


signs and symbols by Alexandra Soman (PsycheAnamnesis)

art is visual poetry by Alexandra Soman (PsycheAnamnesis)

poetry beginnings where meanings ceases by Alexandra Soman (PsycheAnamnesis)


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