Helios Quarterly Magazine Volume 2, Issue 2 (ePub/mobi/PDF)


The world falls apart in reverse. Organs sold at a premium to the most vulnerable among us. A new master of the world and his willing flock. Welcome to Helios Quarterly Magazine Vol. 2, Issue 2 brimming with disillusionment and desperation.

Helios Quarterly Magazine Volume 2, Issue 2 ePub/mobi/PDF edition. Theme: Redux & Progression

Contains three poems, nine works of fiction, one photo, and one piece of art.

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Without struggle, there can be no progress” – Frederick Douglass

Vol. 2, Issue 002 (Theme: Redux & Progression)

Cover Art:

Ride the desert by Tommaso Renieri

Editor’s Corner:

Future’s Past by Elizabeth O. Smith


Journey by Chlo’e Camonayan


The Tower (Coup de Foudre) by Nina Kaye

Mantic Rabbit Talks to a Tree at Sundown Day by Ethan J. Cole

Interdependence Day by Karen L. Kanter


Lifetime Guarantee by Kevin Holton + Interview


Idyll of the Chiroptera by Todd H. C. Fischer

Burn by Gareth Gray

Port of Call by Meredith Rose Schorr

Levels for Sustainable Living by Leo X. Robertson

Glitch by George Spisak

Pause, Reset, Repeat by Michael McGlade

Red Tide Rising by Sara Codair (Part 2 of 2)

Saudade by Jason Mykl Snyman (Part 1 of 2)


Always Watching 4 by Rabban


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