Helios Quarterly Magazine Volume 2, Issue 3 (ePub/mobi/PDF)


WIP. The ageless one roams another theatre of war. WIP. Welcome to Helios Quarterly Magazine Vol. 2, Issue 3 WIP.

Helios Quarterly Magazine Volume 2, Issue 3 ePub/mobi/PDF edition. Theme: First Contact & Conversions

Contains three poems, nine works of fiction, one photo, and TBA piece(s) of art.

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All conviction – and so, necessarily, conversion – is based on the motor and emotional aspects of the mind” – T. E. Hulme

Vol. 2, Issue 003 (Theme: First Contact & Conversions)

Cover Art:

The Relic is heeere! by Tommaso Renieri

Editor’s Corner:

Revelations by Elizabeth O. Smith


Witch Bane by Kevin Hurtack


We are Them and They are Us by Deborah L. Davitt (48 Lines)


Relics from the Battlefield by Sophie Sparrow (1200) + Interview


Cry of the Electric Arc by John A. Frochio (778)

Re-inventing Monticello by LaVa Payne (1001)

New Earth by Christopher Benamati (1400)

The Quiet Song of Return by Reiko Scott (1436)

RAIN by Brendan Hall (1440)

The Last Sybil by Russell Hemmell (1500)

Saudade by Jason Mykl Hyman (Serial 2 of 2)


Contact by Temperate Sage Photos & Fashion


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